• We are a few interesting people with colourful experience, practical determination, and a creative approach to business challenges and opportunities. If you would like to explore how our support might take shape for you please do contact us.

Strategy and Design – of how you engage with enterprise, support its growth, and target where you apply your efforts

Programme Design and Delivery – building the structures, activities and environment that enable you to bring your strategy to life

Training and Development – for senior management, staff and participants, to create a common goal, a common understanding and confidence in the common value

Strategy and Business Modelling – from our fresh perspective we shape and guide the development of the business towards growth, scale and a profitable future

Founder Support – through a challenging but supportive relationship, providing an unbiased and unrestricted outlet to ensure personal growth, appropriate focus and a friendly sound-board

Fractional Executive – we fulfil the role you need, when you need it in a responsive and malleable structure built on top of deep understanding and collaboration

Honest Strategy – explore what you can achieve, from employee satisfaction to hugely valuable pr, and how you can contribute, be it with time, expertise or funding

Innovative Design – of a full social responsibility commitment that represents your organisation, delivers effective impact and achieves the targets you have that makes growth an easy decision

Delivery Partner – working with you to bring plans to life, optimise the social impact, establish the right partnerships and deliver the vision for your social responsibility

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We are heavily involved in the community and glad to help wherever we can, contact us if you would like to talk about how we may be of use.

Our own social contribution – Ignition is an ambitious not-for-profit micro-brewery and our main goal is to make great tasting beer. What makes us different is that our brewers and staff team have learning disabilities. Please do try our beer, we sincerely hope you enjoy it, ideally so much so that you think it a jolly good idea to buy more! There are of course many other ways (beyond drinking our beer – for which we are most grateful) to be involved, so if you would like to know more do get in touch!